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1)Compose 12 professional and technical thesis

2)Compile a professional and technical book “Reactive Power Control Technology and Equipment”

3)Compile a professional and technical book “Modern Electric Medium Voltage AC Vacuum Switchgear—Based on Flexible Opening and Closing Technology”

【A book “Modern Electric Reactive Control—Technology and Equipment” 】

——The book, with a total of 0.669 million words, was published by China Electric Power Press.

With modern electric reactive power control as its core, the book is engineering application oriented, discusses by revolving around the reactive power control technology and modern power equipment; in addition, it introduces a variety of contents like the principle of reactive power control, control technology of reactive power, application technology of reactive power control equipment, electric power harmonic and reactive control, reactive power control combiner, power electronics, reactive control automation device as well as complete-set reactive power control equipment.

The book focuses on Practicability, instrumentality and popularization, and can be available for reference by researchers of modern electric reactive control technology as well as equipment developers, manufacturers and application personnel.


【A book “Modern Electric Medium-voltage AC Vacuum Switchgear -- based on flexible Opening and Closing Technology”】

——The book, with a total of 0.434 million words, was published by Science Press, whose preface was written by Lu Qiang (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences).

This book puts forward the concept of flexible opening and closing technology of medium voltage AC vacuum switchgear, which makes “flexible” characteristic of opening & closing for medium voltage AC vacuum switch; it discusses the practical technical parameters and implementation techniques of the flexible opening and closing for medium voltage AC vacuum switchgear; it introduces the intelligent integrated medium voltage AC vacuum contactor equipment based on the flexible opening & closing technology featuring split-phase control and as well as the intelligent integrated medium voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker equipment based on the flexible opening & closing technology featuring the three-phase control.

The book focuses on an integration of theory and practice, which can be used as a reference for the researchers and technical personnel engaged in the project research and determination of the construction of strong intelligent power distribution network, equipment development and manufacturing, product selection and application.

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